Maps & Directions

Grab a map before you go. Below are a number of Google Map links to help you find your way both in and out of Burning Man. There are maps with Waste disposal and Grey Water disposal points. There is also a map with Donation points for food and gear left over to make it easier to Leave No Trace.

DPW Team Ready To Clean! Photo via

DPW Team Ready To Clean! Photo via

Waste Disposal Points

Make sure to keep your waste separated into recyclables as much as possible. Use separate garbage bags for paper,  for cans, food waste and plastic. This makes waste disposal much more effective. There are drop off points at a number of stores and facilities in Reno and surrounding cities. More recycling options at

Do not throw your garbage into a dumpster behind a store. If you do go in and have a meal at a restaurant, you can ask them if you could put a couple of bags in their dumpster. Be cool about it, not sneaky. Every year new burners dump garbage on the side of the road and any free dumpster right away. It gives a bad name to burners and does not follow the Leave No Trace principle of Burning Man. It is also ILLEGAL! So do not do it! 

Meet "Golden Shower" via  FusionTV

Meet "Golden Shower" via FusionTV

Grey Water Disposal Points

There are a number of places where you can dispose of your grey water wether you are in an RV or have canned it to bring back with you. Do not dump your grey water out off the road, into the sewer or somewhere else just as bad. Dispose of it properly, otherwise you could start the next ebola outbreak or worse.



If you are not planning on coming back and hate camping, you may want to get rid of your camping gear. Please do not just throw it away. If it's in good condition there are a number of organizations that will take your equipment and use it for good causes. Do not be insulting and dump a bunch of items that are trashed just because you're too lazy or cheap to bring them to the dump. If the items are not damaged, but maybe lightly dusted, try to get as much dust off the items as possible and make sure that they are otherwise clean.

Here is a Google Map of donation points for bikes, food and gear. 

Photo by  Vito Fun

Photo by Vito Fun

Recycle Camps

There are a number of camps at Burning Man which recycle waste.
Cans can be recycled at the Recycle Camp. They are crushed and taken to schools for deposit in Gerlach.
Wood pieces can be given to Burners Without Borders starting Sunday at 3, 6 and 9 on the Esplanade. Drop off your usable lumber (full size pieces of 2 x 4, 4 x 4, and plywood only, please; no scraps), as well as certain building materials (pipes, conduit, wiring, tools, and other re-useful non-liquid hardware items). Got some time to kill after the Burn? Help them organize, clean & sort donations!


Burner Map

Track your friends down at Burning Man. It can be hard to figure out where people are as each year the city changes. This free app lets you and your peeps easily share camp info with each other, generating a personalized, printable map.


Lost on the Road?

As you begin to get closer to the burn, you will notice the man on different vans and caravans. An art car on a trailer is a good giveaway. Usually these folks know where they are going...