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Welcome to our Burning Man Survival Guide. We hope our tips help it make The Best Burn EVER!

Don't Leave Camp Without it!

Don't Leave Camp Without it!

Essential Gear For The Playa

When you leave the comfort and security of your camp, and decide to go out and explore, there are some essential items that you'll wanna have the following with you.


All in one Playa Pack

Comefuzed is a great shop for getting some Burner Gear. They've also put together a Playa Pack with everything you may need when you leave your camp to adventure through Burning Man. It's also great for other festivals.
Use promo code 4ABURNER to get a discount at checkout.

If you have the above, you should be fine. There are a couple of other items you can also consider bringing with you to make sure you are prepared for everything. Check out our marketplace for more ideas. 

Photo by Christopher Michel

Burning Man Cup Tips

Burning Man Cup Tips