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Best Burner Masks

Best Burner Masks

Mask by  BohemiaWild

Mask by BohemiaWild

The first thing to know is that you can’t protect against the dust at Burning Man. You have to go knowing “DUST GETS EVERYWHERE”!!

Having a good dust mask is important, and can help against “playa lung.” Many people try different masks, but the most important aspects are the following when getting a mask:

  • it completely closes with your goggles
  • it is of a grading that can take fine particles (fashion scarfs of one layer don't work)
  • it feels comfortable

Have a look at the different mask alternatives available for your burner kit.

Make your own elasticated dust mask for burning man! These are super cute and really easy to make but they offer about the same amount of dust protection as a regular bandana tied around your face or a surgeons mask.


Neoprene Masks

Often used by skiers, bikers and other outdoor sports fan. They provide very good filtration from the dust, but can sometimes be very warm. They come in a variety of styles, full head or only part of the face.


Respirator Masks

These will make sure no dust get in your airway. They don't look great, but they work.

Screenshot 2018-05-10 19.21.55.png

Classic Cotton Shemagh 

This Middle Eastern scarf has been used for thousands of years in the desert for a reason. Extremely versatile clothing, mask, flag and more.

There are many ways to tie a Shemagh


Playa Pack includes Masks & Scarf


Put together by Burners, this pack has all you need for when you leave camp to explore the Playa.
Foldable cup, fits into pocket. -Light scarf, protects from dust. -Dust mask. - Mist spray, best way to make new dusty friends
Mini ashtray. - Water pack, fits into any backpack, 2.5 liters - Towel - Flashlight, USB operated, with bike attachment - Colorful bike wheel lights. - 32 LED tribal pattern, bike wheel lights, front wheel - Bandana - Hand sanitizer

Use the promocode 4ABURNER to get a discount at Comefuzed.


Custom Masks on ETSY

There are some really talented artists making very cool Dust Masks for Burning Man. If nothing else check out the designs to get ideas for your own mask.

What are your Mask Tips? Let us know in the comments.

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