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Best Goggles For The Playa

Best Goggles For The Playa

Protect Your Eyes , Enjoy The Views

Eye protection is essential at Burning Man. Besides the Sun, there is LOTS of DUST! Making sure you are not blinded by the dust is something good eyewear can help with. There are a variety of options that people use to protect there eyes, but generally, there are 3 essential items you will need.

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There are a lot of different Fun and Stylish Sunglasses that you can get. Make sure they are UV 400 Protection though. Bring a few pairs though. They often get lost.

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Goggles Tip

Some people use Ski Goggles which have a dark visor. That's not handy at night. These Welding Goggles can be used both Day and Night. Plus they are easy to Customize.

Bling Your Eyewear

Once you get your Goggles and Sunglasses, go ahead and give it a creative swirl to customize it. Everybody makes small alterations, or larger ones, depending on their own style. Etsy has a lot of Burning Man Goggles for sale, but they are also great to check for inspiration.

Make sure to keep those eyes protected. What you will see on The Playa will BLOW YOUR MIND.

What are your Eyewear Tips? Let us know in the comments.

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