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Light yourself Up At Night

Light yourself Up At Night

Be Bright Be Safe

When the Sun goes down on The Playa it gets very dark. There are no street lights like in a city. It's a desert. There are Giant Art Cars, bikers, seqways and other crazy motorized animals driving around. If they do not see you, you can get hit, no matter how slow they are going. The best thing to do is to make sure you are Lit Up! 


Night Time is breathtaking on The Playa. It's a cross between TRON and Mad Max, filled with Lasers, Fire and LEDS. Everyone puts their own twist on lighting up. Some people like to put it in their clothes and jackets. There are a number of tools and gear for making sure you stand out with your Night Light Wear


Please Do Not Use GLOW STICKS. Glow Sticks seem like a good idea, but they often fall off, leaving little bits of plastic and MOOP all over The Playa. Remember to Leave No Trace. There are plenty of other cool alternatives.


El Wire and LEDs

EL Wire Kits are very popular. You can wire them on your bike, in your jacket, on your backpack, and all over the place. Check out the video talking all about EL Wire and how you can use it.

LEDs are put in all kinds of items these days. You can find everything from LED eyelashes to LED Dust Masks. Have a look at some of the items available on Amazon.

There are a number of Faux Fur Light Up Coats that are made from artists on Etsy. Have a look to check out some cool styles others have made.

Once you've checked some how-to videos and looked at some designs, go down to your local thrift store. Grab a cool jacket. Order some EL Wire and get to sewing your awesome Burner Jacket. They are also great to wear at parties and festivals all over the world. People freak out.

Flash Lights and Head Lights

There is no reason you should not bring multiple flashlights with you to Burning Man. they are Life Savers LITERALLY. They come in so many small forms and designs, there is no reason not too. Here are a couple favorites.

Head Lamps are a favorite around camp. You never know what time you will finally arrive, and you never know when you're gonna leave. Often it's dark. When you are building or breaking down your camp, a head flashlight is the best invention ever.


LUCI Solar Lamp - Awesome

This innovative LED Lamp design was created to solve health issues in Africa. This inflatable lamp recharges using a solar panel at the top, and can last all night. They come in a variety of colors nowadays. And with every purchase a donation is made to bring more LUCI lamps to Africa.

TIP : Light Up Your Bag

It's always a good idea to light up your bag. Especially if you put it down in a circle to dance around. People will step all over your bag if it's not lit up. And probably if it's lit too. El Wire is a good option for this.

Check out more Light Products

What are your tips for being bright on The Playa? Let us know in the comments.

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