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Smoker Tips For Burning Man

Smoker Tips For Burning Man

Are you a Smoker or a Toker? Make sure to read these tips to make sure you don't MOOP.

For many smokers and first time burners, it is difficult to get into the habit of not throwing away your butts on the ground. Cigarette Butts are also considered MOOP. If you roll your own and use a paper filter, and wanna throw away the roach? That is also MOOP. To make sure you don't have everyone around yelling at you, here are some tips for the smoker.

You'll want to make sure to bring:

Always Carry An Ashtray

As you walk around, make sure you have a portable ashtray in your pouch or bag. This lets you light one up wherever you are, and not have to worry about MOOPing. It's also nice to hold out as a gift if you are a smoker in a group. It's like a mini firepit for smokers. Here are some tips for Portable Ashtrays.


The Upcycle

Nothing beats an Old Altoid Box. These things are so handy for so many things at The Burn.


Go For Tech

These small pocket ashtrays have lasted me for many Burns. They are small and easy to pack, and extinguish any fires.


Go For Style

You can always go for a more SteamPunk Style or more refined look for your Ashtray.

Lighters And Sparks

One thing you should take a bunch of is LIGHTERS. Whether you have to start a fire, light a smoke, or even do some flaming hand trick, you're gonna need a lighter. Here are some lighters to check out.


The Handy Lighter

Some lighters come with handy tools like bottle openers, or even scissors.


Steam Punk Style

There are some really fun lighters available as well. Light up the fire in style with one of these.


Sustainable Zippo

Zippos come in all kinds of styles and designs. Plus they are reusable, so no MOOP afterwards.

At Burning Man when asking for a light, if they say, "No sorry I don't smoke." Just reply, "Would you like to start?" Bad joke, granted.

What Smoker Tips do you have?

Tents, Tepees & Yurts Oh My!

Tents, Tepees & Yurts Oh My!

Water Containers

Water Containers