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Burner Lexicon

Burner Lexicon

Every culture, city, community have various words that are not common. Burners have a few words that have grown over the year as well. Here is a guide to help you speak burner.


  • ARCTICA - Ice vendor located in Center Camp

  • BLM - Bureau of Land Management (enemies of fun)

  • BMORG - Burning Man Organization (fun haters)

  • BRC - Black Rock City

  • BURGIN - Burner / Virgin 1st time burner

  • BURNER - A particiapnt of Burning Man

  • CENTER CAMP - Heart of the city, coffee shop and ice vending.

  • CHIPS - A snack food made from thin sliced fried or baked potatoes (ignore the brits)  

  • DARKTARD - Clueless dumbfucker standing, sitting, walking or riding the playa at night without lights

  • DEFAULT WORLD - Purgatory outside of Burning Man

  • DMV - Department of Mutant Vehicles (art cars)

  • DMZ - Deep playa Music Zone, area out by the 11:00 & K where all the BIGASS sound cars gather

  • DPW - Department of Public Works - Builders of BRC

  • DWCL - Daddy WARBUCKS Cigar Lounge

  • EA - Early Arrival, builders of the city. (see WAP)

  • ESPLANADE - Street adjacent to inner playa, LOTS of interactivity

  • ICE 9 - Ice sales at the 9:00 plaza

  • ICE CUBED - Ice sales at the 3:00 plaza

  • MOOP - Matter Out Of Place (trash)

  • PLAYA NAME - Nick name, or persona that burners will know you by (must be given to you by a Veteran burner)

  • P&P - Plug and Play camps, usually housing 1% er’s with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement (see Scum of the earth)

  • PORTO - porta pottie, toilet facilities spread throughout the city

  • SCUM of the EARTH - Plug and Play campers

  • SHIRT COCKER - Stupid drunk FRAT boys in button down shirts, and NO pants

  • SPARKLE PONY - New Burner with NO idea of Radical Self Reliance. Native habitat are P&P camps

  • TTITD - That Thing In The Desert

  • WAP - Work Access Pass, early entry to BRC so theme camps can set up

  • WOOK - Dirty hippie attendee with no food, water or shelter, looking to beg, steal or mooch off of others. Almost always stoned.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments so we can add it up.

2019 Burning Man Ticket sale starts today

2019 Burning Man Ticket sale starts today

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Find a Burning Man Community