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Find a Burning Man Community

Find a Burning Man Community

Picture by  PeachPopStore  

Picture by PeachPopStore 

Find Other Burners Around The World

Burning Man is like booze. Best when consumed with friends and a group. Not alone. But, how can you find other burners in your area? Thanks to the internet, there are a number of resources and links to connect with other Burners. Looking for a Camp? Wanna help with an Art Project? Maybe you want to buy some custom Burner Gear? The links below should be able to help you.


Burning Man Official Facebook Group

The Official Burning Man Facebook Group. This page is very helpful for getting updates and news about organization news, event news, and more handy info. Make sure to join before you goto the Playa. That is unless you have gotten rid of your Facebook Account.


Do you know craigslist? Well spark is like that for burners. You can help with an art project, find ride shares, camps and more on Spark. Make sure you get your burner profile setup first. This is the place for you to connect with other Burners around the globe to plan projects for Black Rock City. Connect, collaborate, and create ...

Burning Man Facebook Groups

There are lots of Facebook groups for burners. For instance the Burning Man Classifieds International group. This Public Facebook Group is "an International Cyber Burning Man Community space to interact in the Default world & cultivate commerce. It is unofficially created by and for the International Burning Man community. It is inspired by the "Burning Man Classified" FB group catering mainly to USA based Burners. you can find everything from New / Used Costumes, Campers For Sale, Crowdfunding Projects and more. There is of course also the Burning Man Tips Page you SHOULD FOLLOW

Instagram Search #brc

There are a number of burners on instagram and other social networks of course.  A quick hashtag search will deliver a number of pics and profiles of burners. Or check our followers on instagram. Most of them are burners.

Meetups, Parties and Regionals

Check out the Upcoming Events on meetup.com and facebook events for local events put on by burners. Burning Man also has a calendar with a number of events. There are a bunch of events around the year all over the world that you can attend to find more burners like you.

Got any more tips for finding Burners near you? Let us know in the comments.

Burner Lexicon

Burner Lexicon

Can you sell a Burning Man Ticket if you can't attend?

Can you sell a Burning Man Ticket if you can't attend?