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Can you sell a Burning Man Ticket if you can't attend?

Can you sell a Burning Man Ticket if you can't attend?

Photo By  Christine

Photo By Christine

Yes you can resell them, very easily. There are both official and unofficial ways to resell your Burning Man Ticket, some of them carry a risk. The rule of thumb is don’t sell your ticket for more than you purchased. For certain tickets there is an issue such as the expensive Pre-Sale tickets or the Low Income tickets. Each of these have special requirements that can or can’t be changed to a new owner.

STEP (Secure Ticket Exchange Program)

Burning Man has an official program setup for people to buy tickets from those folks that for one reason or another, have an extra ticket. Maybe they bought too many, maybe they decided not to go, whatever, they have an extra ticket. The STEP program is a verified program from Burning Man Org and in my experience has always been very fair and worked out. You are not going to pay more for the ticket than the original purchase price. Registration for STEP is open from April to July. If you missed out, there are still options. A link to registration calendar can be found here.

Sell through your Camp & Friends

Lots of campmates are probably looking for tickets or have friends that want a ticket. You will be helping your camp, and bringing good vibes this way. You can also make a post to your facebook friends that you have a ticket you want to sell. Most people begin tagging people looking for a ticket in the comments, making it real easy to find folks.

Sell on Ebay, Stub Hub, Facebook Marketplace

If you are going to use a third-party site to sell your ticket, be warned someone who didn’t win the bid can report you. That is if it is being sold for more than the original purchase value. If you want to see if your ticket is still valid you can check the Voided Tickets List

Gift It

Of course you can always gift your ticket to someone who needs, wants or has gotta have it. Watching the posts on the FB group Ticket Begging is fun for a laugh.

In the end having a ticket to sell for the burn is a luxury nowadays. Enjoy it.

If you are looking to buy a ticket, I suggest you read this article “Where to get tickets to Burning Man.”

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